Congratulations to SHS Art Students!

Here is the MAEA brochure for the current show being held at Ypsilanti District Library. We have 8 pieces featured at this regional show. For more information on the Art Show, please click here.

From there, artwork gets selected to the top 100 Michigan Youth Arts Festival.

If Art is the top 33 move on to be part of the Governors Traveling show, which is currently on display (from last year’s crop) in the District board room at Liberty.

Last year Lola Ernest was selected from the Region 3 show to be part of the MYAF and the Governor’s traveling show. What an honor. Sam Dodge from last year, was selected to be part of the top 100 at MYAF. This is the second time Saline has hosted the gov. show because we have had students awarded this honor.

These students were selected to participate in the Region 3 show:

Gabriel Churchill-Torres -12th
Rachael Armstrong – 12th
Natalie Malbone -11th
Azriel Wotton -11th

Grace Woodruff- 12th
India Pruette (2 pieces)- 12th
Maddy Stewart- 12th

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